Female Libido, Sexual Health, and Couples

How the Body and Mind Impact the Bedroom

Committed couples tend to want active, healthy sex lives, but there should be no surprise in learning that the frequency of bedroom activity can rise and fall over time depending on a variety of factors, including female libido. St. Louis' West County Plastic Surgeons regularly sees women seeking vaginal rejuvenation for a range of reasons, with sexual satisfaction—for their partners and themselves—being a common cause.

This is because how a woman feels about sex greatly impacts the female libido, which in turn is a crucial element to an active sex life. If vaginal intercourse lacks the more intense sensations from days past—or, worse, has become uncomfortable or painful—it stands to reason that a woman will be less enthusiastic about physical intimacy, or may even choose to actively avoid it. On the other hand, if the causes of discomfort are addressed effectively, a woman's feelings about sex can improve—as can her sex drive.

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Emotional Intimacy

A feeling of connection built on emotional intimacy is an important element that effects the female libido—though it can impact the male libido, too. Strong sexual desire is fed by everyday acts that build trust, understanding, and communication. A significant step for any couple looking to improve their sexual health is to focus on the overall health of their relationship.

Physical Intimacy

As noted above, if sex does not feel good, libido can drop—especially if the less-than-pleasant sensations continue over a great deal of time. A change in physical conditions in the vaginal area may result from an age-related hormone shift (such as menopause) or a similar imbalance caused by medical treatments. That said, anything that results in an ongoing drop in lubrication, a reduction in blood flowing to the vaginal area, and increased vaginal laxity can diminish the female libido.

Unfortunately, these physical changes can cause feelings of stress, which in turn can negatively impact a woman's sex drive.

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What Can Increase the Female Libido?

Since a couple's sexual health is dependent on any number of factors, there are multiple possible solutions to women who are facing the problem of a flagging libido and want to do something about it.

Counseling and therapy can help with emotional and other issues, which, if addressed, can lead to increased marital intimacy and a corresponding boost in interest in sex. This is obviously something that involves both members of a couple.

On the physical side, vaginal rejuvenation can revive more ideal vaginal conditions by stimulating thicker tissue and increased lubrication. Together, these benefits can make sex a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

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Our real patient stories

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Obviously, the female libido is complex, and sexual dynamics in a relationship are even more so. For women who want to explore how improving physical conditions in their vaginal area can contribute to their sexual health, the West County Plastic Surgeons team is prepared with answers to frequently asked questions and more.

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