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Women who are unhappy with their vaginal area—whether due to conditions present since birth or changes that have happened over time—may feel even more discomfort in bringing up the subject. Getting answers to health-and wellness-related questions can be an important step in making positive change, which is why the West County Plastic Surgeons teams provides these vaginal FAQs for women in the St. Louis area and beyond.

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Shouldn't I Just Live With Body Changes?

Choosing to accept the changes life brings to your body—and specifically your vaginal area—is something many women decide, and they may be quite satisfied with their sex life throughout every stage of life. Other women may long for a tighter canal, as it was before childbirth. Or they may want to be able to wear a swimsuit without worrying that elongated labia may be visible. Or they are finding that a new and uncomfortable reality of vaginal post-menopausal dryness is hampering their intimate times with their partner. Any woman who feels her quality of life would be improved by vaginal rejuvenation is encouraged to learn more about her options. No one should suffer silently if a solution is available.

Why Do I Pee a Little When I Sneeze?

Known as "stress incontinence," the involuntary release of a small amount of urine when sudden pressure is put on the bladder—as with a sneeze, cough, jump, laugh, or similar action—is likely due to a weak pelvic floor. Multiple childbirths and aging can contribute to the laxity. Women can combat this weakness by performing regular Kegel exercises. Urinary incontinence relief is also possible with a radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen production and strengthens the pelvic floor.

How Connected Are Vaginal Conditions and Someone's Sex Drive?

Put simply, pleasurable sex can encourage a desire for more. Uncomfortable or painful sex tends to diminish the desire of one or both partners. Vaginal laxity can make a vaginal canal more loose, reducing sensation. Vaginal dryness can further impair sensation, and even create friction that causes pain during intercourse. All of this can contribute to a drop in female libido, which is also impacted by overall health, feelings toward a sexual partner, body chemistry, and more. Improving lubrication and tightening the vaginal canal can help by making sensations more pleasurable.

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What's the Difference Between Surgical and Nonsurgical Rejuvenation?

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation, with radio frequency non-invasive devices, requires no sutures or incisions, which means patients do not have to plan for weeks of recuperation after the treatment. The radiofrequency energy tightens the vaginal canal, improves lubrication, and strengthens the pelvic floor. Surgical rejuvenation involves administration of an anesthetic to allow the surgeon to make incisions and apply sutures. Healing can take weeks, but the results are longer lasting and can be better for women with a more severe degree of laxity. Vaginoplasty tightens the vaginal canal, but does not address lubrication or pelvic floor weakness. Labiaplasty surgery can address the size and shape of the labia.

If I'm Being Treated for Breast Cancer, Do I Have to Wait Until My Course is Complete to Get Rejuvenation?

Some breast cancer treatments, such as Tamoxifen, must be taken for years in order to be most effective. Fortunately, radiofrequency-based rejuvenation treatments can be safely used throughout that time to counter such symptoms of low estrogen as vaginal dryness and a diminished sex drive.

What Factors Impact Vaginal Health?

Everything from diet to age to medications to overall physical health can impact vaginal conditions. Read our vaginal health tips to learn more.

Our real patient stories

Our real patient stories

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Can I Address More Than My Vaginal Area?

Many mothers long for their bodies to more closely resemble the look and feel of their pre-baby days. For these women, a Mommy Makeover can include rejuvenation for the vaginal area, as well as a lift or augmentation for breasts that have sagged or changed size and shape, liposuction for stubborn pockets of fat that stayed behind after the baby was born, and a tummy tuck to address weakened abdominal muscles and loose, flabby skin hanging from the belly area.

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